Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So accessories make the outfit (most of the time).  You never want to over-do a good thing.  My favorite accessory has to be earrings! They can take a drab outfit and make it more fun or give a pretty outfit and make it beautiful.
 Golden hoops are a basic earring that most females own (H&M).  If you are not a fan of hoops get some golden studs.

 These are a few of my sparkly earrings that I use to make an outfit pop! 
(Black and White- Forever21; Brown Beads- Forever21; Black Bow/Disco Ball- Betsey Johnson; Rainbow Sparkly- Forever21) 

In My "Shopping Bag"

I am very addicted to online shopping and one of my new favorite websites is  I am a huge fan of color as you will be able to see from some of the items currently waiting for me to purchase them.

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the sugar high blouse ($38.00) 
total stud blouse ($48.00)

What I Love...

Hello Everyone!

This is my first fashion blog ever and I hope you all bear with me as I go on this journey of showing you my own personal style and also many looks that I love.  Fashion is a passion of mine and so that is the reason for me making this blog.

So hope you enjoy and add don't be afraid to comment and share your own personal style!